Frequently Asked Questions

Simply being hit by a paintball is not enough, conditions apply.

A paintball has to hit you and break.

A ball that bounces off you does not count unless you call yourself out before you check. This creates confusion and can lead to people throwing large inanimate objects at you.

A Paintball that hits an object and 'splatters' on you do not count.

A shot on the gun does not count. Quite simply, any pellet that hits your body and breaks is a hit and you are out.

Some players prefer not to let head, arm and leg shots count.
The group can dictate the rules of the game.

Most groups opt to return to base and then continue the game.

If you are shot, hold your gun above your head so that the other players don't continue to shoot you while you return to base.
This can be varied according to your needs and the available equipment. This also varies between the Home Range and Mobile Range.

Average players on a side is 5-10.
Adventurous, fun people.

Definitely! We just love having people around that's why we started the range!

Many new friendships have been formed on the playing-field and around the campfire. As the saying goes: "The more, the merrier!"

It's always a treat to talk to all the different people with all their different experiences and outlook on life.
Of course we do! Where else can your children have a treasure hunt to find their food, gifts and paintball vouchers!

Catering can be arranged on request - or Mom can decorate the area before the party starts.
We can bring the game to you or you and your team can come and enjoy the day at our home range in a beautiful bushveld setting.

There’s just no better way to get your team to pull together! (except perhaps using a whip!)

We have specific programs in place to facilitate better communication and group cohesion – these programs can be restructured according to your company or group’s specific needs.

Paintball as teambuilding activity has several distinct advantages:
  • Great stress reliever – a definite must in today’s corporate world.
  • You will get to know the real person behind the mask (there’s just no way to keep on pretending if you get one on the …)
  • Good opportunity to identify natural leaders

  • Like business, initiative and tactics is vital to ensure your team wins. Paintball is a much better way to demonstrate this than a boring talk in the boardroom.

    After a relaxing day of real fun and laughter your employees will be revitalised and ready to meet every business challenge head on.

    Catering can be arranged on request.
    Well it all depends. Certainly it hurts no worse than the sting from a wet tennis ball (stingers), but even so our experience has shown that with the amount of adrenaline flowing through the player's bodies, they hardly feel it.
    Yes, very. American insurance statistics have shown that it is safer to play Paintball than to play golf or go fishing.

    The following safety rules are strictly enforced at all times:

    Goggles and head-protection systems - designed for paintball and meeting specified standards. These must be worn from the moment you enter the range and before you remove your barrel plugs.

    Chronographs are another safety requirement. These devices that measure the velocity of a projectile have long been used for measuring the velocities of firearm's bullets, as a well as the speed of arrows and other projectiles. In Paintball the maximum velocity allowed worldwide is 300 feet per second (fps). This standard velocity limit may be, and is, lowered to 275 fps or less for indoor or other close-range play. Players using their own equipment must be willing to submit their markers to testing before entering the range.

    Safety talks are held before every game end referees regulate each game to ensure safety rules are adhered to.
    Chest protectors and long sleeved jackets are supplied at no extra cost.

    Be sure to wear long trousers closed, comfortable shoes.
    A paintball is a round capsule with coloured liquid inside it. A paintball's thin outer shell is usually made of gelatine. Paintballs are similar to large, round vitamin capsules or bath-oil beads. The fill inside a paintball is non-toxic, non caustic, water soluble, and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and washes off skin with mild soap and water.

    Paintballs come in a rainbow of colours, such as blue, pink, white, orange, yellow, green, and other bright hues. The outer shell of a paintball may be a colour swirl or two-toned. The inner fill of the paintball may be a different colour than the outer shell.

    When a paintball tags a player, the thin outer layer of the paintball splits open and the liquid fill inside leaves a bright paint mark. A player who is marked is eliminated from the game. Usually the mark must be the size of a 50c piece to be considered big enough to eliminate the player. Smaller amounts of fill that mark a player is called splatter and usually do not eliminate the player.

    Paint guns (Markers):
    Paint guns used during paintball are called markers. These markers work with refillable CO2 to expel the paintball. Beginners has no need to worry, we give training on how to use the equipment before the game starts. It's very easy to use the equipment.