Is it safe?

Yes, very. American insurance statistics have shown that it is safer to play Paintball than to play golf or go fishing.

The following safety rules are strictly enforced at all times:

Goggles and head-protection systems
- designed for paintball and meeting specified standards. These must be worn from the moment you enter the range and before you remove your barrel plugs.

Barrel plugs:  Before playing or once a player leaves the field of play, they are required to insert a barrel plug into the end of their barrel as a safety device to prevent injury if the marker is accidentally discharged in the neutral area.

are another safety requirement. These devices that measure the velocity of a projectile have long been used for measuring the velocities of firearm's bullets, as a well as the speed of arrows and other projectiles. In Paintball the maximum velocity allowed worldwide is 300 feet per second (fps). This standard velocity limit may be, and is, lowered to 275 fps or less for indoor or other close-range play.   Players using their own equipment must be willing to submit their markers to testing before entering the range.

Safety talks are held before every game end referees regulate each game to ensure safety rules are adhered to.